Kayvan Richter

PR and Marketing Executive

Kayvan graduated with a first-class Master’s degree in Molecular Medicine, which included investigating bacterial biomagnetic molecules for their ability to treat cancer, and a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science, both from the University of Sheffield.

Prior to joining Zyme, Kayvan gained experience in a range of communications activities through his role as Vice President of the Persian Society, and as Commercial Team Leader of the social enterprise, Enactus, both during his time at university in Sheffield. His keen interest in life sciences communication was sparked during his undergraduate studies, when he was awarded a semi-finalist position in the UK’s STEM Awards 2017 Healthcare Challenge, for his idea for an Anti-CRISPR-based Phage Therapy as a solution to combat rising childhood pneumonia in developing countries. Following this success, alongside studying for his Master’s degree, Kayvan worked to establish Sheffield’s premier science podcast series, Eureka!, recruiting a mixed interdisciplinary team to create engaging episodes discussing contemporary science themes.