.@HZDiscovery today announced the introduction of Cas9 and cDas9-VPR stable cell lines to accelerate #CRISPR gene knockout and gene activation experiments, respectively

.@Mogrify_UK today announced the #appointment of Dr Lorenz Mayr to the Board of Directors and SAB, to support the development of cell therapies and in vivo reprogramming therapies

.@Accenture's Joe Donahue & @vyasaanalytics's Chris Bouton will be kicking off the latest free to attend, online Digital Dialogues series on 22 July. This isn't one to miss. Register now for the #webinar: #datainfrastructure #collaboration #drugdiscovery

This week on Careers in Discovery, we're with Tim Brears, CEO of @evonetix.

We discussed:
🧬 The role of a CEO
🧬 What you should know about startups
🧬 The importance of choosing your opportunities wisely

Head to for the interview!

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