Zyme has been working with Evonetix to support the Company with the development of a strategic PR and marketing plan. One element of this was a social media project to improve Evonetix’s profile and to build awareness of the Company.

As part of this project, the following steps were taken:
• Increase the number of ‘followers’ and ‘following’ to extend reach to potential customers, and increase commercial interest
• Increase engagement with social media posts through ‘likes’ and ‘shares’
• Increase the number of social media posts on Evonetix’s LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and educate key audiences on the Company and its technology
• Provide additional resource to monitor and maintain social media platforms

Client comments: “We have been extremely impressed with the results achieved by Zyme in less than a year since first starting to work with them. We have developed a very effective working relationship that has led to significant progress being made across many fronts.”

Chief Executive Officer, Evonetix Ltd.