Jake Brown

PR and Marketing Executive

Before joining Zyme, Jake worked at Oncologica, a leading precision cancer and COVID genetic testing services laboratory and contract research organisation based in Cambridge, UK, as part of the COVID-19 PCR testing response, providing rapid tests to vulnerable hospital patients awaiting surgery. During this time, he gained experience of the RNA extraction and PCR workflow, alongside subsequent sequencing of positive samples to detect new variants.

Jake has an MSci in Biochemistry & Genetics from the University of Nottingham, with his studies centring on his final year project using CRISPR-Cas9 to knock down select genes involved in the glycolytic metabolic pathway in breast cancer cell lines. Jake then went on to complete two years’ postgraduate lab work investigating the potential presence of small repeat RNA fragments in myotonic dystrophy. During his time at university, he was also a member of the Medic’s rugby team and the biochemistry society.