Cambridge, UK, March 09 2020: Owlstone Medical, the global leader in Breath Biopsy® for applications in early disease detection and precision medicine, today announced that it has been named by FierceMedTech as one of 2019’s Fierce 15. The Fierce 15 celebrates the spirit of being “fierce”, championing innovation and creativity, even in the face of intense competition, designating Owlstone Medical as one of the most promising private medtech companies in the industry.

Owlstone Medical’s goal is to realize the enormous healthcare and economic promise of breath-based diagnostics through the development and application of Breath Biopsy, which operates by detecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced as the end product of metabolic processes within the body or as a result of chemicals from external sources.

Breath Biopsy is being deployed through paid-for biomarker discovery programs with large pharmaceutical partners such as AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline, as well as with leading academic institutions, and through the development of high value diagnostic tests in areas including cancer, liver disease, and respiratory disease.

Last year, the Company added Johnson & Johnson to its ever-broadening list of pharma and academic clients, entered into a partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific to support breath-based biomarker discovery, and joined major EU-funded research consortia investigating immune disease (3TR) and workplace exposure (EPHOR).

Billy Boyle, co-founder and CEO at Owlstone Medical, said: “Being recognized as one of the Fierce 15 is a fantastic endorsement of Breath Biopsy and its potential to transform early disease detection and the delivery of precision medicine, and we would like to thank FierceMedTech for including Owlstone Medical in this prestigious list. This comes following a year of successes that have considerably advanced breath-based diagnostics, and we are excited to build on this momentum in 2020.”

“One of the true joys of covering this field is being able to talk with the people driving the next great medical advancements—technologies that may not just change a patient or parent’s life, but also the day-to-day work of clinicians, surgeons, researchers and developers themselves,” said Conor Hale, associate editor of FierceMedTech. “Potential breakthroughs such as these can ripple into new therapies, procedures and interventions, and ultimately more ways to heal more people.”

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